viernes, 22 de julio de 2016

After the falling coup in Turkey: Erdogans victory is a "Pirro Style"

By Juan Giglio

The falling coup in Turkey strenghened the oficialism which leaders took advantage of these circumstances. They “cleaned” the Army and Judiciary sect consolidating the islamization of the institutions. This point of view, matches with the AKP intentions of “smashing” political opponents. These opponentents are trying to stop the modification of the current regime. The oficialism wants to turn it out presidentialist in order to concentrate as much power us possible.
 A part of this plan was removing the immunity to hundreds of HDP deputies, many of them were pressed to vote for the change of Constitution.  Erdogan’s strength can be seen in the actitude of AKP militants and other fasist sects such as MHP, they have gone to kurdish cities and HDP buildings to execute “infidels”.  But the oficialism manipulation of recent events shows the weakness and despair of turkish Govertment that is going back in national and international affairs. Germany, turkish’s strategic ally, have recognized armenian genocide. For that reason, european leaders are trying to avoid that Turkey was incorporated to EU.
However, the most important defeat, have been in the battlefield in Syria, there, Isis is falling against its main enemy: the brave kurdish militias, on the other hand, the kantons are going to be united.  If the kantons are unified, the border between Syria and Turkey would be completely closed so Islamic State would lose its main supporter-Turkey-..For all these reasons, one of the first Erdogans’ decisions  were to close the Incirlik Militar Base, from this militar base planes took off in order to bomb Isis positions. (Read all)

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